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Therapy is a valuable way to develop abilities for coping, growth, and self-understanding. Dr. Sprayregen specializes in health psychology, which targets such problems in living as anxiety, stress, depression, eating and body image issues, illness, life crisis, life transition and loss.

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Do You Want to?

feel better about yourself

be able to say “no” effectively

know & understand yourself more fully

balance work and leisure

have stronger relationships

live a healthier lifestyle

clarify your life goals

cope well with stress and anxiety

manage depression

develop greater resilience

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Therapy is a valuable way to develop abilities for coping, growth, and self-understanding.


Anxiety exists in a variety of forms (generalized, social, phobias, panic disorder). Untreated anxiety can feel overwhelming. Effective treatments for anxiety are available.


Depression is different from the blues. It can be caused by biological and/or situational factors. Several psychotherapy approaches have proven effective for treating depression.

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Sleep or Insomnia

Insomnia is a common problem in today’s busy world. Most people don’t know about “sleep hygiene”. Almost everyone can benefit from learning healthier sleep behaviors.

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Self Esteem

Healthy self-esteem is characterized by contentment, optimism and self-acceptance. Self-esteem can be damaged by abusive interpersonal relationships and limited experiences of success. Positive self-esteem can be developed gradually through therapy.

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Stress Management

Stress is caused by life challenges such as loss, adjusting to new circumstances, and burnout. Self care, work/ life balance, relaxation and social support are some tools you can learn to use for managing and reducing stress.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR is an evidence-based therapy approach. It was developed to treat the symptoms of trauma and other harmful life experiences.I am a certified EMDR practitioner.

What Clients Say

“Your office has been a safe place for me to express my feelings, find hope and work things out. Thank you for always being warm, kind and supportive, and for believing in me. I am forever grateful.”

Barbara Sprayregen, Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist - Hunington Beach, CA

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